Baby Factory

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Baby Factory

A Nigerian movie, highlighting some of the sordid societal ills, over the quest for money. The movie features John Okafor, Charles Inojie, Charles Awurum, Raymond Asuquo, Nkechi Nnaji and written by Chukwuka Emelionwu.

There has been many instances where the law enforcement agencies busted such illegal baby manufacturing networks, in both urban and remote residential areas. Young vulnerable girls are lured into such establishments, that sometimes are branded as a maternity or an NGO that helps the less privileged. Under the hood, some illegal and dangerous business transactions go on in the dark, leaving the vulnerable girls at the mercy of fate. This movie is a dramatization of what actually transpires in real life.

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Baby Factory 1 & 2

Baby Factory Part 2

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  • Buni Bunie

    Chineke gozikwa gi nke oma Bernie. A mara m na i huru AKARA OKU na NDI APAMA.

  • Bernie Lukas

    dalu rinne. Chukwu gozie gi.

  • Bernie Lukas

    thanks buni bunie for this lovely movie. pls keep ’em coming

  • martins wale

    love this movie…but why keep playing that music’? for God they should atleast reduce the volume…..bad editing


    very funny

  • Chola Kelly

    please get rid of the music playing in the background —

  • arinze1986

    why r they playing music in the middle of conversation…so annoying which kind monkey thing be this…

  • Phebe Shekoni

    Which kind Dr be dis oohh! He looks like a pimp. In all my life of visiting GPs I have never seen one dressed like a porn star. Tu fia kwa!

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    BBB Lmao