African China – London Fever

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African china with new hit single LONDON FEVER.


R2bees ft. Wizkid - Slow Down (2013)
Celestine Ukwu - Asili
  • franklin thomas


  • Lucky Agbomu


  • paddyabiola

    good voice, I’m capitvated!

  • Mary Jay

    Proud to grow up from Ajegunle

  • Tampinu

    thumps up if u still “asking people to thumb up” in 2012

  • skinny8189

    long time lol,i think in 2002 sill thumbs up

  • perfectdiva921

    classic..gotta luv it

  • Hanne Wieërs

    yes i agree with u.


  • prettyjasmine2008

    this guy, too much talent!, and he makes plenty sense!! #sad stories

  • Olusegun Femi-Ishola

    Love African China.Unique Voice and talent.Beautiful song with good message.Keep it up

  • LepaMonroe

    this song came out in 2000…ahhh fun times

  • jewish5555

    Or you can download it on pirate bay……. jokes

  • jewish5555

    Love from Umberhaja. Our dreams are getting larger.

  • KOUYONOU Gilles


  • eazybreezy96

    i will listen to this song till i die……peace

  • saita nsnns

    wow china man sai annaneison XD

  • Anna Nelson


  • Eric Ericel

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  • Dixon Chuks

    Oh my fucking god this dong is still on this earth

  • bintu3

    thumps up if u still listening to this song in 2012

  • eazybreezy96

    miss this song lol

  • VisualAural

    Eastern Asians do admittedly show the highest IQ of any people. But that has nothing to do with getting along with other people. Chinese are way closer to Africans than Caucasians. It’s all about the culture.

  • Nicese1

    Love this song. Thank you 😀


    Man this are your guys LIFESTRANGERS1 now on youtube.

  • faine6publishing

    A girl at my school introduced me to this music… I thought she was just playing so I goggle it any way and here it is… Much success to yall… We know about yall all the way in Maryland… DMV…. 😉



  • obiageli vivian

    fyne guy

  • Delilah Peniteri

    you mean tisk tisk tisk lmao I have to leave this loser alone lol

  • Delilah Peniteri

    No such thing as an ugly african in my book oh wait except you lol. You suck stupid idiotic bitch! Go drink acid and relax and stop leaving comments for people who could care less about your sorry existence ode!

  • BrumeB001

    Big up to you china

  • Mark Moris

    Its people like you that want to mess him up. by the grace of GOD he has over come you.

  • Fatings Gudluv

    Lov diz song lik crazy…. its my daily dance me on!

  • plantationboiz

    hahaha china badest boy u go fear people when dey write am for cloth lol, kiri kiri, ajegunle tuffest prison

  • plantationboiz

    them fine but them be wahala

  • plantationboiz

    she say to me now i know the reason why i don kolo, lol

  • John Ditimiya

    just open ur ears and hear what he saying not the white girls but the story he is saying

  • Baddestbigtruck G

    London fever

  • ami jones

    This song is MAD I luv it

  • Timothy Kamanda

    im feeling this tune but the way he loves off white girls put me off at first, but now i know why. it makes sense. big riddim tho!!!!!

  • xpride1

    @naijanitemare, u say ur name is naija… but i don’t think u really understand what this guy is singing for u to call him stupid!

  • john ifeanyi

    love you china dont mind those bambo clak babylonian people,susu people,white or black same ok do it again i love it

  • siyoto

    u started on a good note but ended on a really bad note. let’s stop all this racial nonsense and see ourself as same.

  • siyoto

    e dey pain u say u no fine reach am.

  • siyoto

    This guy is handsome. Fuck you all who do not see any other thing wrong other than his use of white girls. You guys should grow up and realize the fact that we are all same regardless of color. How would he use black girls to depict what he is trying to pass across. He even tried there was a black girl in the video. Fuck all ya haters!!

  • primeguide

    why people dey vex say he used white girlz we should be happy are u people deaf the girlz should be the one angry cos he was singing against them and them and they were dancing,carry go bros

  • primeguide


  • kadolite

    true talk

  • Illangó Pillangó

    African China = womanizer!!!!

  • gusto4106

    @DrMMHMD you make no sense……..