D’Banj – Oliver Twist At The AFCON 2013 Closing Ceremony

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  • Nwosu Paul

    Ladies only: chidubem.blogspot.co.uk

  • topfuel2013

    HATER !!!

  • Rachel Ajua

    WOW, i had no idea they did this at AFCON! Now definately have to see a match b4 i die <3

  • Tenny Ziony

    Rubbish! The song does not relate to the event in anyway! You like beyonce(so what? Go tell Jay-Z). You are oliver twist(afrcan leaders have always been oliver twists, and you now inclusive. You all should be arrested and not celebrated)

  • Mofoluwasho Ogunmokun

    R U A LEARNER???

  • missmsquare

    Still laughing….Don’t you mean Youtube?

  • galazytoscana

    we made it real (9ja)

  • Amudipe John

    nice one naija, its good to be on top off the world… look @ me now… we gonna stand up one day, that i believe…

  • prince bello

    Biggest fish in Africa …. D’Banj you are mouthed … file oshey …. feeling you boss of all bosses

  • JSwagy

    Top Of The World is D’banj’s best song ever!

  • CurtisRichman

    This is awesome! But i expected an invisible wire or whatever to lift him up above the crowd + I think a reggae version to this song would be awesome. Thumbs up if you AGREE

  • prince bobi

    nice one 9ja

  • Sodjinou Samuel

    yea am so happy for what d banj did him remember him country ! if god say yes nobody can say no since 1994 to 2013 is nt easy am happy for nigeria (nobody believe that this afcon belong to nigeria )but nw all things happen accoding to the lord plan

  • jude keffe

    While watching this video i came to realization that Dbanj or Skibanj like his jamo friends call him is actually d African Micheal Jackson like he claimed along time ago

  • Standardfrank

    BORN AGAIN…with what? Drinking White Man’s Blood Like Dracula By Confirmation And Canabalizing A Pork-Body For BREAD! Are You A Fool? How Did AfRAKA Get Jezeus Crisis? GENOCIDE…Religion Is Caucasian Commerce By Theft War & Genocide! What Is PURE NUMBANU Culture? Applied Numbers! What Has The AfRAKAN Achieved With fRActal Geometry? You Don’t Know Do You? Because You Are god-Issue=Alter Ego Of The Caucasian…You Know Nothing Of Your OWN CULTURE…Now How Is Space & Time Created? Help Him!!

  • Chidi A.

    …enof cash-flow…enjoy

  • nal11able

    ha ha d’banj in his element

  • Lee O

    Na wa oo. Toasting on facebook too? LMAOOO!

  • SuperWatcher4u

    Nice performance with unique fireworks



  • Emejedo Cynthia

    keep d fire burning

  • Amosun Sunday

    Am proud to be a Nigerian

  • silas elishama

    D’banj, The man that missed the oppurtunity to reach out to his generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ…coming from a christian background….Wikipedia had this to say about his mother “…a church dignitary mother…”. I was so so disappointed in him…please healp tell him…He has to be BORN AGAIN!

  • damola abiola

    whats up wit you gurl..can we have sum prv chat?..thats if you don’t mind..