Faze – Letter To My Brother (Video) And Faze Alone

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Faze – Alone (Remix)

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  • Nwaeme vitus

    i dey feel ur pain that time Faze

  • ryan lell

    i can cry



  • Djay Pray

    This is humility…this is pure and lovely 🙂

    We need this to be fostered in the Entertainment Industry…..All these dissing and beefing is sickening…! 🙁 Rap has sorta even turned into a subtle art of PUBLIC iNSULT to some people! Music is an art, people. It should nurture joy NOT contempt….:/

    Thanks, Faze, for this beautiful one….You have a sound mind….

  • MyCastro2009

    i love faze cos his words is mature and full of wisdom, his reply to 2face was so mature, friends shouldnt run their mouth like bitches, just bcos they are having little grudges

  • Shola Scott

    means , save me, wht have i done that’s nt good?

  • biafranchief


  • EpikalStahh

    what does “Egba mi o, Kini mo se ti o dara o”mean?

  • Mstoyor1

    if i dont listen to this song at least once a day, my day is not complete. Im in love with it ! wonderful voice…gives me chills lol

  • officiallyfaze

    You can say that again.

  • daniel uhiara

    this song remind when u compare btw 2face and face.even when u met new friend part of the introduction is who is ur favorite.take it or leave it they are part of music history in nigeria and africa

  • MuLatina

    i am loving the talent in nigeria, many great artists.

  • listic Okuma

    i pray that plantashun boiz ll be united again

  • officiallyfaze

    Thanks for listening

  • officiallyfaze

    You are welcome and am glad to know that you and your brothers are back like old times, keep listening and keep sharing

  • Majorvino

    this one really made me cry,, i had a stupid fight with my brother and we didnt spoke for a year….. but now its like the old times again 😉 tchnx Faze 4this amazing song…. im now at college and havent seen my two brothas for 3months. in July i will see them 😀 …. Much bless 2you faze 🙂

  • officiallyfaze

    Have you seen other videos in this channel? Also check them out and drop your comments

  • KruckSwag

    Faze sick song i love it sick beat 😀

  • officiallyfaze

    Thanks for sticking to this channel

  • officiallyfaze

    Thanks for your encouragement. You will not have to wait for too long. Working on a couple of videos.

  • Paul Kalu

    We are waiting for the new album (good luck) beside your fans needs you here in Malaysia

  • frankies678

    Truly brotherly. You are always my #1 anytime.


    man i love this song can’t stop listening to it … this same thing happening to me right now we was three but now we only two the other 1 feel like he is too big but we just giving hope to the ALMIGHTY GOD…KEEP ON THE GOOD JOB FAZE WISH YOU ALL THE BEST>>>>NIGA MUSIZ RESPECT MAN

  • officiallyfaze

    Presently working on a new album. Sure wont disappoint you. Thanks for being here all this while

  • officiallyfaze

    Every track is meant to pass on a message. Thanks

  • Khorastic


  • uhhAmp

    faze clan?

  • Chiamaka Oluabara

    I ve not seen a Nigerian musician who even go high pitched voice not to talk of surpassing Faze’s own, im proud of you man, amny time any day, I just love real talent.

  • ryantorps

    This song is nothing below world class I listened to this while growing up nd till date it still wriggles in my head nd dats wt brought me here remain blessed FAZE!!

  • Ogieva Victor

    Believe in yourself above all in “GOD ALMIGHTY” your creator. You see the trials of life are intended to make one stronger and not weaker.

  • oke12972

    very motivating song, excellent voice too

  • Ifeanyi Aneke

    I can never forget this song. I had the whole album on replay on my laptop when I came to Lagos as an unemployed graduate. This music and other tracks on the album gave me the strength to fight on to survive in Lagos against all odds. You know, when people sing songs they may not really know how many people their songs will impact positively. Thank God, I made it on my own. It was only me and my God and I survived. God Bless your hustle Faze!

  • del alesh

    this is 2012 and I am still playing this song like crazy…. this is what d Nigerian music industry is missing at d moment…. #evergreen. FAZE u rock

  • officiallyfaze

    Thanks for listening and keep listening

  • dhieu agot

    Your music relates to people man thank you and want I’m in bad times I always listen to this song god bless you

  • officiallyfaze

    Thanks bro

  • chikweful

    Keep it up Faze.. I am your no 1 fan.

  • officiallyfaze

    Thanks dear

  • cindy Anighoro

    i love this song……….BRAVO