Faze – Need Somebody (Video)

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  • Janice McGrory

    love this track

  • Greg Mac

    Pas mal comme son

  • c poise

    this song is deep… thank you faze for this masterpiece!!!

  • smicer66

    Boy! Respect!!!

  • molly okeke

    am so in love with this guy defently need someone like this in my life so hard to find

  • tommy don

    is my song i like it

  • Abraham Otoadese

    Hi Faze. I guess this is the only medium I can use in reaching you as I don’t have you contacts. I would recommend you do a full reggae album. The Nigeria music industry at the moment is lagging in that direction. I have take a good look at the industry and I concluded that you will be the only one who can really do a reggae album that we can export. I know you love R&B. But for me your best songs are still the ones in reggae. “Faze alone, Need somebody, and Good wife” are still ur best.

  • oveal ifeanyi

    best song among equals

  • jamal ozil mourinho


  • sholamid4all

    finally gat dis song back….good job man!

  • Salote T

    So sweet & so true! Remain blessed.

  • officiallyfaze

    That’s my name, thanks for watching.

  • omoniyi omotola

    faze is a diamond in d dirt,dah aint bn found,buh i find nd love him

  • vero kennedy

    i’ll never stop calling ur name…..faze!!!!!!!

  • officiallyfaze

    Thank you so much that’s so nice of you keep watching

  • elialapo

    i love you faze ur songs are definitely rare in today’s world!!

  • officiallyfaze

    So good to know, thanks and keep listening


    Am in love wit the song,it always touches my heart each time i listen to it.

  • officiallyfaze

    You are most welcome. Don’t forget to hook you friends up to this channel and expect a couple of videos soon

  • MichyBomicLuvz

    lol thanks 4d praise. One luv 😀

  • officiallyfaze

    Your kind words got to my heart. Thanks dear

  • officiallyfaze


  • officiallyfaze

    Thanks for your encouragement

  • Ud Chris

    Faze, i hv followed u up since day 1..no Nigeria musics has touched me d way ur musics n lyrics has impacted inside my being.i say it in d morning,afternoon n night,u remain d best of d bests.

  • cindy Anighoro

    really love this