Ice Prince Ft. Brymo – Oleku With lyrics

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Oleku Featuring Brymo (OFFICIAL CHOCOLATE CITY MUSIC) 2011

Official OLEKU Video ; Oleku lyrics – Ice Prince Ft. Brymo lyrics and video.

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  • ahmed igal iise

    i like  this song really keep it up ice price ft olek

  • olubusayo enigma

    The name of the song Oleku should already tell u its not an english song

  • Edwin Otala

    This hook is the 2nd Cleanest i’ve heared since i listen to Nigerian music, first being Chop my money

  • christina aidoo

    still listening to this song in 2013 love it!

  • JoiDior

    Future sounds like Brymo.

  • SoulsOmo


  • worldwidedahabshiil

    my Feel good great strictly after 12am 🙂

  • Shea Wilkisonpayne

    dis is a bang out 🙂

  • Michelle Tshimanga

    I just realized that Brymo was in this song.. LOL. My goodness.. this was one of the first Naija songs I feel in love with from timmmeee.

  • koua sylvain

    very good song!!!

  • Rahel Seyoum

    i love z song even if i dont understand what oleku means

  • sharn bains

    why have i got this on repeat?

  • Moussa keita

    am feeling the song ye
    am feeling am feeling the song ye ye..(4times) 😛

  • vannesa briian

    i love u icepince

  • Jennie1513

    so nice, can’t get tired listening to this song….

  • Jennie1513

    so true

  • Emmanuel Yakubu

    if u dont understand dont listen if u dont like it y r u listenin if u a hater work dis out
    jo mo ma fo eti ea oloshi (btw its yourba)

  • Anthony Huthu

    i could not believe this was a 2010 song. its phenomenal!! i had guessed THat OLEKU means BIGTYM…n hey! wasn’
    t so far from the answer i guess- AM KENYAN.

  • Tobi Nija

    If you like this song you should listen to MAZI CHUKZ-EBEANO up and coming Nija Artist /watch?v=n6Jp0qbkuLM

  • Yohana Tekle

    I’m Eritrean and i love afro beats and this is by far my favourite song i love it to death

  • mrsrocroyal37



    this will always be one of naija coolest

  • putaringonit21

    Mugu!,,,waiting for when your own perfectly written song is released.

  • Mariam Fofana

    That a pretty ignorant comment. Its a song enjoy it. You should take manner class.

  • omooba98

    LOL…do ya thang!

  • krishna laird

    oh gosh this song is awesome makes u feel it …….and ama girl so i guess when he says feel the boy, she feeling she feeling the boy….mah feel sumn lol

  • clinton77ful

    If found please return to Benin City!

  • Chuksi Nze

    Oleku master

  • Skipper Mort

    every year i get a song i can’t stop playing and this year “Oleku already takes the slot” sooooooooooooo… cooooooooooo…….l

  • viva papa

    The best of all times

  • adewaleaadesanya


  • malvern mangwiro


  • zolani thengani

    this song is good hey!! i like the part where they sing together they say ” feeling the boyee, feelin feelin the boyee.

  • Addison Aaron

    maddd song

  • Aaron Jupaul

    how can i lose when i’m with the best team

  • ayoseansanni

    Sav some song

  • Latia Rodriguez

    I have to be his number 1 fan. This guy is the s###

  • Mwimbi Jean

    well she said she like it

  • barryj4real

    i like this

  • OfficiallyZoning


  • angelgirl84m

    i’m really feeling this song. can somebody plz tell me what oleku mean.

  • peter kimemia

    Austine one love

  • nograviti2

    I liked that shirt too 🙂

  • gidiowo

    Anyone spot Wizkid in the video. That was when he was rolling with ChocCity before Banky W snatched him lol.

  • Jonan Holley

    I’m Ugandan & this music is the exact reason I can’t listen to my own music. Naija music is on another level.

  • Austine Wuncler

    there is a reload button. this song is awesome. im Kenyan too

  • peter kimemia

    Some of us in Kenya are listening to more Naija songs than we are our own. I personally love this tune. Makes me wish there was a repeat button. One love Africa

  • savviestsayo

    Oh Em Gee,still love dis!!!….everything is so on point,the lyrics, instrumental, n d people sef….ahn ahn,..too muchos ooooo.
    love u guys