Timaya – Bum Bum [Official Video]

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Timaya – Bum Bum.

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  • ConqecsysGaming

    No, you check your brain out and learn what he was saying dumbfuck.

  • TheLimkid

    Music is my life. After losing my dad I was lost & music helped me to tell my story.
    Just now I released my new single named ‘Dream’ about my past.
    Its all real music & I put all my heart & soul into my music. Its all I turn to & everything.
    Im 18. If you could take 5 minutes to check my song, i promise satisfaction, if not pls give feedbacks for improvement.
    I put all my heart & time into this. Give me a chance & you’ll love it. Thank you & Please THUMBS UP this comment.

  • Jay75Euro

    Timaya came a long way, the choice of how he makes his videos are just great. In a 10% Ratio, I give him 8.7

  • rose chillcott

    <3 . <3

  • alex wambugu

    he should have shoot that video with east african ladies they know how shake their bum bum

  • Jefferson Akesseh

    first time seeing the video, all along i thought he had no vid for the song

  • blessingokafor

    I luv this song! Bum bum for life. #TeamTimaya

  • Katia Lastar


  • obi chuks

    passing tru….

  • Shay Musa


  • MichyBomicLuvz

    sorry but its naija/nigeria not niger because its another country

  • rachel jolly

    this will forever be my fav song with kukere..i like niger music

  • Lahlahble

    lol to the lips lickin

  • Marko Stanic

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  • Humpah Hindolo


  • isaac favour

    nice video and music

  • Mwanamke Bora

    all about the bum bum… waaackk!!!!

  • iamikojo

    I think he said “lego!”

  • charles d spaarkles

    de gl bee sick  krawwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • GhanaianBeauty96

    LOOOOOOOL, you’ve interperated it wrong! He means it’s a cool, nice song; it’s a positive thing!

  • Tiana McCoy


  • Alkebulan32

    Please upload this video in higher quality!

  • morlai conteh

    this song is nice

  • shantel sm

    I love it when he goes dagger I jst love this song

  • keddi bepor

    .u guys should check out my version