Timaya – Malo Nogede Ft. Terry G [Official Video]

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Timaya - Malo Nogede Ft. Terry G [Official Video]


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Ras Kimono Veteran
  • tommy lee

    timaya tooooooo much .. l really like this

  • cathy freeman

    abnyone can translate the title ? please.

  • cathy freeman

    my jam !.!?!

  • anuakinro

    Yoruba Language brings the best Flavor!! 🙂

  • picassomicasso1

    He’s throwing his fingers up, na you wey dey talk nonesense about occult. You dey occult? How you take sabi occult signs? Aboki.

  • Prince Moronfolu

    What up with terry g and them occult signs he’s throwing all over?

  • AGBOKOU Amivi Nelly

    malo nogede means what please?

  • Aisha Westberg

    I love the song…good work!!

  • AVANTII Anyanna

    00:52 to 1:20 Timaya God dey your side, they cant do shit them too small.

  • melisa smith

    i know that’s right

  • Eric Tana


  • vesorah

    Gym song right here hahah love it

  • Aundre Jeanz

    it is you that is on a high horse being all elitist. please control yourself

  • Aundre Jeanz

    it fits the song

  • Aundre Jeanz

    they are not hiding the reality of things. reducing the amount of expressionism and stylist nature.

  • kevinodiwa

    This is bad

  • mamatshepang

    I love the song…good work!!

  • blamaco

    Na wa for you o!

  • BabyChainZindeehse

    it actually means dont be too soft
    ogede is banana and banna is soft soo yhh dont go too soft !

  • 98itsme14

    I luvvv

  • Barack Obama

    You really wanna know?

  • Kitty Gang

    aaaaaayeeeeeeeee love this song !!!!!! =D/

  • Richmore Weinidimie

    timaya just 2much. terry G no 1 in aj. 1luv

  • 98itsme14

    What does the title mean?

  • 1010101DJ

    youre hot