The Price Of Hatred (Full Movie)

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The Price Of Hatred

Beautiful Nollywood movie, with practical real life lesson on hatred and child abuse. You’ll love to watch this. The movie features Eucharia Anunobi Ekwu, Grace Amah, Chidera Muoka, Ben Nwosu, cassandra Odita, Solid Ambrose, Paul Umoh, Tony One Week , and story by Cheta Ezeume. Duration: 1:27:41

The movie teaches a lot of real life lessons. Not the best of video resolution, but considering the year it was shot, it becomes understandable. That notwithstanding, it is an interesting movie, with some of Nigeria’s best artists in performance.

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Price Of Hatred

The Price Of Hatred, Part 2


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  • Themprangers1Fan

    That Lady’s Friend Is Evil . She Mad Cuz Her Husband Don’t Come Home So She Wanna Fuck Up Someone Else Lifee !!!!

  • wairimuneliusng

    If it were real

  • wairimuneliusng

    The mother should rot in hell

  • wairimuneliusng

    I was crying

  • wairimuneliusng

    I love dis movie even the waves of glory i am from africa the east kenya

  • Phumzile Carol

    gosh some madamz wil never know peace tjeerrrrr

  • emiliehelen88

    Hum… I do assess this movie but is tht true tht cant be calling God from bigining nd hw will not save her untill died? jst is unbelivabl nooo!!!

  • Rita BBA

    Not every advice u take from some people called friends, some may lead to ur doom, women out there be wise

  • Stephie Amachree

    It’s Proverbs 21:19 not 20:19 🙂

  • comfortprayers oyelakin

    I am 100000 times againest child abuse.

  • comfortprayers oyelakin

    this woman keeps child abuseing her for no reason the girl did not do anything wrong

  • tee387

    That jot live though lol

  • tee387

    Friends like her need to be shot!

  • zama joy

    a lady died in USA eventually just because she didn’t have $20,initially

  • Dadayi33

    what a sad film

  • cathy5072

    Seven in a half to twenty year she would receive here. That’s attempted murder here. Evil women and very insecure .

  • 11regenerate

    She’s abusing that girl. She needs to be charged and locked up. Doesn’t the mother understand the girl is an employee with rights?

  • 11regenerate

    If a person does not have money in Africa, the doctors will watch them die? I ask because I’ve seen many African movies, and in the movies the doctors will not operate to save the person without money. Is this how it is, or is it just in the movies? It’s so inhumane.

  • jesustracie

    OMGosh :(

  • morthanwoman

    Sad, so sad……

  • pryncessable

    Yes I agree, it’s one of the reason am watching this movie, because of her & Kenneth the man playing her husband.

  • DeLinda Williams

    Oh my Lord! This one has brought me to tears to see how wicked some people can be. This reminded me of a friend who suffered the same way until the Lord provided her a good husband. My God is ever faithful.

  • morisadatu bangura

    one of the best Atress in nollywood,eucharia

  • betty brew

    gosh,some plp r very wicked in life