Wedding Gift (Full Movie)

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Wedding Gift Nigerian movie

A story of two brothers, one young, lazy and greedy while the elder brother is hardworking. On the elder brother’s wedding day , the younger one gives him an unbelievable wedding gift. A gift that started enmity – The Wedding Gift. The movie features: Emeka Ike, Tony Umez, Pete Eneh, Benita Ahane, Afam Okereke, Vivian Orji and story by Sunny Collins. Duration: 1:21:23

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Evil Wedding Gift

Wedding Gift, Part 2

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  • NollywoodLove

    Yes, may he rest in peace.

  • legalgerard

    God rest your soul Pete Eneh. You were always gentle

  • brineted1010

    emeka ike sounds really very fake and if i may say superficial

  • Sandra mbah

    awww d sound wasnt cumin on so couldn’t hear wt dey were sayi 🙁 lol

  • engelskab

    It happens…

  • clickclarkable

    franc is a crazy shit

  • Trevor Chybs

    i luv emeka ike n tony as well ey r amazing actors <3 xxxxx

  • NollywoodLove

    Most people are like that, they never seem to be appreciative.

  • Elaine Stober

    what sort of brother is this???, after all he had done for him

  • NollywoodLove

    Watch Blood Sisters to see more of him.

  • Adele Moune

    best line of the movie…..”I hate your face!” lol…and yes, Tony Umez is an amazing actor. I love his movies.

  • NollywoodLove

    Perhaps they have quitted acting, who knows?

  • queeny107

    What happen to these actors you don’t see them in tmovies anymore?

  • NollywoodLove

    We are legal partners with youtube and make our profits from the adverts in every movie.

  • kenokedu

    thanks for loading and how do u make your gain???

  • NollywoodLove

    He did a good job to have written this.

  • NollywoodLove

    We have received a similar complain from someone else, we will look into it and have put back in shape.

  • NollywoodLove

    The sound will be checked.

  • NollywoodLove

    He is a good actor but he has stopped acting for sometime now, haven’t been seeing him in movies lately, guess he has decided to leave it for the younger generation.

  • naamulti

    Sunny Collins is a good writer,most of his films are very well written

  • Nelo Ibe

    something is wrong with the sound of the movie. I’m not sure if the problem is from my ends

  • mary banda

    i seem to have a problem with the sound with some movies. i have the sound when the music is playing but no sound when they start talking and when i use my ear phones an getting the voices in one side only and the music in the other any suggestions pls

  • Jenebu77

    Tony Umez is a very good Actor,  I like Tony in African dress, he is handsome. Good Movies Thanks for posting.

  • MsTraaaay

    why doesnt the description match

  • pryncessable

    The beginning of this movie is boring! what’s the point? Am only wtchin becoz of Toney Mez. Never employ family. The big brother’s wife wears some nice outfit, she is pretty but not popular first am seeing her. Mus african always turn to black magic? Wickedness!

  • NollywoodLove


  • Pappadap100

    max sounds like a shit….

  • Pappadap100

    Only foods he needs from her….. idiot

  • 300mskitty

    That awkward moment when it’s just a dream

  • Natoyi sky

    do anyone know how to find the movie (beyonce & for better or for worse)

  • NollywoodLove

    Warm regards! The part two is available online, please kindly search for it.
    Thank you so much for the feedback, we apprecite your comments, they are valued.
    Have a superb day!

  • MultiDoreen123

    love it but where is part two..cheers guys

  • Tinevie

    lol Ms. Prayer Warrior trynna buy champagne.. lmmaaoo!!

  • NollywoodLove

    We will have them posted for you for your viewing pleasure, just stay logged for our daily movie updates.

  • Kaffia Amoaku

    Can you please post “Set Apart (mummy’s daughter) and Slave to Lust? I love Nadia!

  • NollywoodLove

    Your requested movies will be sent to you soon, just be a little patient and the processes are on-going. Have a lovely day.

  • disneyland1200

    Could you please post the movie “Feel My Pain” and also the conclusion of the movie entitled… “The Game!!” Thank you very much!!

  • NollywoodLove

    Warm greetings from Nollywoodlove we will get back to you as soon as we post them.
    Thank you so much for the feedback and have a fantastic day.

  • Shyanne Niashia

    NollywoodLove pleeze post Father’s Blood and Feel my Pain you advertise them but i can’t find them so pleeze pleeze post them thanks.

  • Jaysweeter

    Watch Love Scandal 1 before watching 2

  • Jaysweeter

    Watch Love Scandal 1 before watching 2

  • BBWKristy Love

    why is the mother asking her daughter to sell her butt why don’t the mother take her glasses off and get out there and sell her own butt and make some money she still a good looking woman

  • NollywoodLove

    Hello! thanks for your observation. It would be corrected immediately. Stay logged to Nollywoodlove for more interesting movies.

  • raneishaw

    Love scandal is playing tow as one and one as two so if any one watch it please watch two firsy.

  • negesti2

    i dont understand,is this part 1

  • NollywoodLove

    Sorry for the discomfort, we would upload some films in a couple of weeks, we’re sure it would be on the list. thank you so much for watching Nollywoodlove films.

  • 5Language

    I think Sister’s Betrayal is the continuation but it is not up on NollywoodLove.

  • 5Language

    Great movie, where is the rest?