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In The Name Of Money – Nigerian Movie – (Full 1 & 2)

In the Name of Money is a Nollywood movie about the aftermaths of decisions made in life based on material things. Starring Mercy Johnson, Benedict Johnson, Emeka Ani, Christy Okonkwo, Theodora Ochonogo, Ralph Onuh, Florence Patrick, and story by Christy Anyebe Ambi.

Some things are immediately obvious , others are not. Life is not a bed of roses. To earn something good from life, some amount of effort, work and commitment is required. Unfortunately, some people ignore this, and want it all now and ready. Almost in all cases, there are consequences. That is what this movie is all about.

A two-part movie. Click the number below the video to navigate to the corresponding section, or simply click In The Name Of Money – Nigerian Movie Part 2

Watch and enjoy…

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In The Name Of Money (Full Movie)

Mercy Johnson
Benedict Johnson
Theodora Ochonogo
Emeka Ani
Christy Okonkwo
Ralph Onuh
Emmanuel Agii
Elizabeth Idoko
Florence Patrick
Fatima Adamu
Agnes Matther
Emeka Kponu
John Odoh
Ogechukwu Inck
Steve O. Steve
Ann O. Odigwu
Mike Sule Young
Ehis David
Stella Ike
Ralph Jude
Wisdom Ibe
Roy Acheeneya
Linda Lucky
Mary Okon
Jennifer Johnson
Confort Johnson
Iron Tiger
Joe Sam

Christy Anyebe Ambi

Christy Anyebe Ambi

Onyekwelu Anueyiagu
Chike Amah

Christy Anyebe Ambi

Agada Johnson

Part 1: 1:26:36
Part 2: 1:41:54


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