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The Price Of Hatred

Beautiful Nollywood movie, with practical real life lesson on hatred and child abuse. You’ll love to watch this. The movie features Eucharia Anunobi Ekwu, Grace Amah, Chidera Muoka, Ben Nwosu, cassandra Odita, Solid Ambrose, Paul Umoh, Tony One Week , and story by Cheta Ezeume. Duration: 1:27:41

The movie teaches a lot of real life lessons. Not the best of video resolution, but considering the year it was shot, it becomes understandable. That notwithstanding, it is an interesting movie, with some of Nigeria’s best artists in performance.

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The Price Of Hatred, Part 2


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Abuja Marriage

All about the lifestyle and challenges of threading the Abuja fast lane, especially for the young and aspiring in a world dominated by the super-rich personas in the society. It features Desmond Elliot, Eucharia Anunobi-Ekwu, Bruno Iwuoha, Mercy Johnson, Gloria Nobert Young, Chinwe Nnabuife. Story by Chinwe Nnabuife. Total duration: 2 hrs +.

To some, Abuja represents the gold-rush. Power, money, politics, affluence and many other trappings lure young men and ladies to Abuja, hoping for a life breakthrough. Many of these youngsters succumb to the wealth, accolades and perks that come along with it, thereby end up in a marriage that is purely for the money. As is always the case, Karma has a way of paying everyone back, somehow, somewhere. Enjoy this masterpiece that depicts just what has been going on behind the closed doors of the rich and mighty…


Abuja Marriage Part 2

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