African China – I no be bay bay bay

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  • manuaye

    Well Done African´╗┐ China!! ­čśÇ

  • mandy250778

    love it ­čÖé

  • MoiMeme750

    I love this sound !´╗┐

  • MoiMeme750

    One of´╗┐ the best sound ever !
    I love

  • samuelsams1

    i´╗┐ hate the screaming in the begining…

  • MostWantedCyTV

    Mr Sabi with another classic….tell that babe say i no be bay´╗┐ bay bay

  • delepuff1

    thumbs up …. ´╗┐

  • Alex Alonso

    100% Fact´╗┐ and True song of Naija… Nice one bro….

  • tonyog48m

    One of the best of Africa China ,his words´╗┐ are true ,today bola judge who stole billions on Nair is a free man today

  • kunle julius

    gice´╗┐ song

  • Tampinu

    Nice video´╗┐ and great lyrics…


    Ghana has actually overtaken us,it beats my imagination! The saying that the downfall of a man is the rise of another because Ghana is actually benefiting from the disadvantage position of´╗┐ Nigeria.


    the country don already fall inside ocean sef

  • Alfalissimo

    Thumb up African China,
    4rom Brazil,
    Viva´╗┐ 9ja!!!

  • amatyable

    You really´╗┐ look like Chinese, Igbo have different faces Is that boy not handsome? So China is brothers to Africa watching this face.

  • yorobomike

    i´╗┐ adore dis song

  • yorobomike

    na´╗┐ true

  • Eric Ericel

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  • alex978211

    this young man suppose to collect prize for this´╗┐ music but nigeria being what they are they will not but china you are the best

  • okoeverylady


  • bosky LA

    this song was a warning to all public servants on extravagant lifestyle and injustice to the common Nigerian. china your prophesy was ignored now see where we are, 22 Nigerians dead on subsidy, hundreds of lives lost as a result of political´╗┐ instability and terrorism against the common man. the wicked shall not go unpunished.

  • Ikongshul Godwin Ashima

    It is 2012 and the same thing he sang about is what we are still experiencing´╗┐ in Nigeria.

  • dejvavu

    GEJ remove subsidy or this nation go´╗┐ fall inside well.

  • Edwin Eriata Oribhabor

    The poor´╗┐ man is advertised as a thief while the rich thief goes unpunished.

  • design3651

    The sad fact is that this so will be forever´╗┐ relevant in Nigeria

  • AbdelmalikAbdelmuizz

    the Nation is´╗┐ already in a well…. May GOD see us out of it without bloodshed… Peace to you all!!!

  • orjiish

    China my bros GOD bless u 4 dis song, no mind dis one dem they call EFCC wey dey catch small small criminals, make them first , catch IBB, OJB, yara wife´╗┐ etc b4 others, dats when we go no say dem dey work, CORRUPT COUNTRY WITH CORRUPT LEADERS.

  • segabanjy

    Nice music´╗┐ china, guess same west Africa, no need to get visa to enter Ghana

  • helensmart2006

    nigerians you need to´╗┐ change your image,the corruption you invented is spreadng widely,,,,we need change.we are giant of African but Ghana is climbing on us,,,,,,

  • MrJegbe

    Gosshh,,where are these guys now that this industry dey flourish,,,these are products´╗┐

  • Samuel Amen

    i love´╗┐ this music noting do you my bros.