Onyeka Onwenu – Falling In Love

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  • Tamuno-Opubo Cookey-Gam


  • Okakpu Claret

    I am very proud i am an igbo 

  • Yarly Rivas


  • edvasari

    Mama TJ is an ageless beauty and talent. I have always havethis crush on her since i saw her le in the 80s!

  • Amna Millewa

    I am in love with this song: I feel as if I am singing this to Jesus right now…. <3
    Now i am falling in love all over and over again with Jesus. Amen

  • alphaaruna4

    I love this song

  • caseyamogu

    been lookin for dis song for ages………….*dancing vigorously*>>>>

  • ndy0920

    Onyi nah u bikooo. Great voice n song keep it up mama we love u

  • Samuel Mercury


  • Igbori Opuere Sonia

    I so much love this song and i can’t get tired of watching the video.Sweet old mama’s giving us some old moves.Lolzzzz…………..Even at 60,she is so pretty!

  • Omodudu Onidada Osun

    She’s so beautiful!!! Always has been!

  • viva papa

    Lovely, great come back

  • zweeterion

    Onyeka Onwenu , I can only say thank you to people like you, KSA,Ebenezar Obey,Christie Igbokwe,etc for their contributions towards developing Nigerian music. It has been a long journey in excellence, thank God we are getting there.The world now know and appreciate the brand called “Nigerian Music”

  • S.M.G TheVamsBrooklyn


  • peacynic


  • neoraeze

    Love it!!!!!!

  • Stydio phour

    This woman represents nigerian music to me

  • Jane Akujuru

    Notice the difference between this video, the lyrics of the song and all the apologies we are fed today in the name of music. 

  • diana ford

    thank God i found this song here, can’t wait to play it on my wedding day….of cos am falling in love with Jesus

  • ablurd

    same same here ….. falling in love again and agian … jesus..

  • Christy O

    WOW me too I’m falling in love all over again!! yeahh

  • Celestine Uche Mkpozi

    a veteran is forever a veteran!

  • muyiwamat

    I wonder what icons like these think of the Nigerian music industry now.

  • muyiwamat

    These guys kicked ass long before auto-tune became popular


    great pair

  • sunny cares

    next month

  • Tiaye Folake

    nice one.

  • Blessing Ojo


  • Yubbie007

    2013 ;)

  • wole isaac

    wasere ayomide…same here2013 babyyy

  • Ayomide Olagesin

    me tooo..2013 babyy!!

  • tracyfins

    I´m listening in 2013….

  • MultiObas

    come, let me and you do the remake babe 🙂

  • Lucia Hill

    Beautiful times. Oh my God. I’m just realizing how beautiful and pure nature was at the time and what the nation needed was a sincere grooming for a better today which obviously they (Leaders) have failed. Oh my God…Where did we get it wrong?

  • Lucia Hill

    Still listening in 2013. 🙂

  • Kenny Samuel

    Can someone pls tell me how to go back to those lovely days…. (shedding tears)… Very inspirational

  • abisola Oladapo


  • Yuusuf Akorede

    Still listening in 2013…

  • Olayinka Awofodu

    2013!  This is Classic!

  • arthur ralph


  • Ola101968

    This is the best duet ever from nigerian music scene

  • Clinton Adios

    Plenty children are insurance for old age. Very correct…..

  • Clinton Adios


  • akeem siwoniku

    wat a lovely music 2 enjoy with ur right person

  • utchgirl

    Sadly Nigeria was much better then than it is today. I remember listening watching this song on NTA back then.

  • farinde1

    Wow this song…I’m 24 n the last time I heard it was in my uncles car when I was 5…hmm Dumont, NJ to be precise

  • rougestar

    2012 and still loving it!