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Seductive Curves From Hell Nigerian Movie

Her curves are superb, captivating and can cause traffic gridlock. . Naomi’s entire body sculpt is the epitome of God’s creative perfection. Unfortunately, this masterpiece is equipped with seductive curves from hell, designed to lure unsuspecting young men to eternal destruction, knowing that no sane man can easily resist such regal sensuality. Godwin is sane, and easily falls prey.

Strange things start happening around Godwin and his friends. Now, it’s a battle to save Godwin, as light and darkness battle over his life. It’s an intense spiritual warfare for Godwin’s soul.

Watch and learn from this beautiful Nollywood movie, written by Uchenna Mbunabo, and excellently interpreted by the cast.

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Stan Nze, Chinelo Ejianwu, Deiso Odukwe, Sammy Udiminue, Lilian Larkai.

Executive Producer: Uchenna Mbunabo
Producer: Uchenna Mbunabo
Director: Chidi Anyanwu Chidox
Editor: Babs Hammer
DoP: Tunde Adekoya
Story: Uchenna Mbunabo
Screenplay: Nwaokolo



Release Year:
N/ A

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