The Nigerian Movie industry, popularly known as Nollywood, has come a long way. As it continues to evolve, establishing itself among the global embers of movie-making, many quality movies, unfortunately, do not get as much attention, or may have received substantial attention sometime ago, and now forgotten.

Here, whenever we find some of those type of movies, they are included in our featured collection, to give them new eyeballs for those that haven’t seen them yet, or rekindle their memories for others. Here are our featured collection.

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Vintage Nollywood, some of those movies that laid the foundation for the Nollywood movie industry we know today, produced not later than the year 2000.

As new movies are currently released, most of these old wines are usually forgotten, even though they still got a lot of real-life gems. Meanwhile, they also provide us an avenue to see some of our favourite artists in their earlier versions, their younger versions.

Nollywood Throwback (Vintage Nollywood)